Hack the House

Branding, website, digital strategy & event for Unilever Home Care


Unilever UK
Founders Forum

London, United Kingdom

Home care


Project Type
Web Solutions
Digital Marketing
Event Services

Project Manager
Arman Anaturk

Adobe Creative Suite CS6,
MailChimp, Squarespace, Typeform, HTML5, CSS 3 & more.


The Challenge

With ecommerce and on-demand applications spreading to every corner of retail, Unilever UK wanted to ensure their home care sector didn't fall behind current trends. Teaming up with Founders Forum, the private network of the world's leading digital and technology entrepreneurs, we delivered Hack The House the 36-hour ecommerce hackathon for Unilever UK's home care sector.


The Result

The hackathon, appropriately named, Hack The House collected over 250 applications from eager entrepreneurs, developers and designers who wanted to participate over the weekend. From this 250 applicants only 60 were selected to attend the two day event at Impact Hub Westminster, where they had 36 hours to build ecommerce solutions for Unilever's home care sector.

The hackathon participants were supported throughout the weekend with our startup partners from Stripe, the payment platform and Twillio, the cloud communications platform along with mentors sourced from Unilever UK's employees.

At the end of the weekend, participants pitched their prototypes to our expert judging panel consisting of Frank Meehan VC at SparkLabsGlobal, Kathryn Parsons CEO of Decoded, Nitin Paranjpe President of Unilever home care, Stuart Edmunds Global SVP at Unilever and Henry Lane Fox CEO of Founders Factory for a chance to win 20k in funding.


The Concept

Through early conversations with Unilever UK and Founders Forum, we identified that a hackathon was the most appropriate way to source new ideas, find talented individuals to work with and provide Unilever's employees and senior leadership a chance to interact with London's bustling startup scene. 


The event brand & communication

With hackathons popping up every weekend in London we had to ensure that Hack The House would deliver a message and branding that would catch and keep the attention of any possible attendees at first sight. In order to avoid Hack The House being deemed another 'corporate hackathon' we built an independent brand around the event that would appeal to the target audiences interest.

Event Branding
A stand alone brand identity and website was built and tailored to the audience of techie, creative and business minds. This helped us reach a wider range of participants and bring in individuals who may not have normally applied.

To promote the event and manage applicants, we built our own internal communication team of 3 who were in charge of engaging the community online through different channels and attending to any queries through email.

In-person Meetup
To drive up applicants and allow Unilever to give a face to their brand, our team put together a pre-event at Unilever's CEO office in Southwark. The event proved successful and saw a spike of 80+ new applicants in 7 days.


The event

At OneRoof, we love Hackathons, we've been to many and hosted a few of our own. As regulars of these events, we knew the secret sauce to make Hack The House a success and were more than happy to stay up for 36 hours to host it. Together with Founders Forum we selected the appropriate venue, sourced delicious food and drink partners, unlocked our network to bring in great partners, speakers and mentors and delivered an extremely enjoyable weekend long hackathon.  

Arman and the team at OneRoof were the glue behind the magic!
— Richard Garbett, Unilever UK Brand Manager

Social media coverage

To ensure the event proved a successful PR opportunity for Unilever UK, we encouraged participants to share their experience over the weekend with the event hashtag #HackTheHouse and put the entrance tickets to good use as a donation to support Unicef's European refugee crisis appeal. 


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