Open Food Data


Project Type
Event Branding
Digital Marketing

Zurich, Switzerland

Open Data
Food Tech


The Brief

The Open Food Data program supports creative, entrepreneurial and scientific projects in the area of food and nutrition data. The program, in partnership with Engagement Migros, EPFL and ZHDK, provides new open data, intense coaching, mentorship, and financial support to bring projects from first idea to market readiness.


The Process

Project leader, Camille Bossel worked together with's team to build a bold and bespoke visual branding that would catch the attention of their target audience of software developers, engineers, nutritionists and sustainability practitioners.

Through the research process, a vintage theme was identified as a tie to the traditional swiss farming culture. We started by picking online vintage illustrations from old magazines, newspapers and artworks which gave us a direction to work in.


The Result

The visual identity we crafted for can now be found on the Open Food Data program's website. Along with the visual identity, we delivered a series of marketing materials including flyers, posters, and social media content to play an active role leading up to Open Food Data's first Hackdays in Lausanne & Zurich.


Case Study