At OneRoof, we provide a hassle free and affordable way for startups and companies to get their design work done.


what We Can do For you


Brand Identity

We help you build a brand around your business that reflects your unique personality.

MVP / Prototype

We sketch wireframes and design high fidelity prototypes for your next big idea.


Graphic Design

We take care of all your company graphic design work, down to flyers, brochures, presentations, packaging and more.


We can shoot, film, edit, animate and more to help you get the perfect video out there to promote your business.


UI Design

We design your interfaces & platform while focusing on maximizing usability and user experience.

Website / Online Shop

We build functional and beautiful websites & online shops to showcase your work.



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Open Food Data

The Open Food Data program supports creative, entrepreneurial and scientific projects in the area of food and nutrition data. The program, in partnership with Engagement Migros, EPFL and ZHDK, provides new open data, intense coaching, mentorship, and financial support to bring projects from first idea to market readiness.

Branding  |  Content Creation


Lanxel Candles

Lanxel is an independent candle maker based in Geneva, Switzerland crafting luxury soy candles with a focus on sustainability and recycling. All of Lanxel’s candles are hand poured and the entire lifecycle process of their candles are made to minimise waste and environmental impact.

Branding  |  E-commerce


Hack The House

With e-commerce and on-demand applications spreading to every corner of retail, Unilever wanted to ensure their home-care sector didn't fall behind. Our solution, a 36-hour hackathon connecting Unilever with the creative entrepreneurial community in London.

Branding  |  Event Organisation 


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