The team behind OneRoof.

We are a SWISS Based AGENCY




Our founders lead the company direction and our clients projects. 


Camille Bossel

Co-founder & Project Manager
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Arman Anaturk

Co-founder & Project Manager
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We bring together extraordinary talents to form expert teams around your projects.


An invite-only network of world-class freelancers


A brief history of OneRoof

A look back into important milestones leading up to OneRoof Agency’s founding.

Co-founder Arman Anatürk had been running coding courses in London for two years when he first identified the need for small businesses to better brand and communicate.

July 2014

Co-founder Camille Bossel embarked on her first freelancer journey and quickly realised design school had prepared her to be an employee not self-employed.

October 2014

The two founders met whilst backpacking in Marrakech, Morocco and began working together on client projects as independent contractors.

December 2014


The first company version was founded under the name "ENTP." in London and brought together freelancer friends in the founders network to work on projects.
ENTP. organised corporate hackathons in London and worked on client projects with growing businesses.

April 2015

As a by product, the founders launched entrepreneurial workshops where freelancers shared their skills with small business owners.

October 2015

ENTP. and the founders moved to Lausanne, Switzerland and hosted FoodHack Geneva, Switzerlands first food hackathon.

June 2016

ENTP. rebranded to OneRoof.Agency, the Swiss based digital branding and communication agency helping businesses get noticed.

January 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about OneRoof's team.


→ Where are your freelancers based?

All over Switzerland. As a team of digital nomads, we're part of the evolving work place and allow our freelancers to work remotely from where they feel the most comfortable.

→ Who is my point of contact for my project?

At project start, you will have a dedicated project manager sourced from the leadership team.

→ How will I manage my team when my project starts?

You won't. OneRoof handles all project management for you. Our experienced project managers will source the best team based on your project and manage the process through to project completion.

→ Why do freelancers choose to work at OneRoof?

By taking care of sourcing clients and managing projects, we make the life of a freelancer easier and allow them to focus on what they do best.

→ Can you connect me directly with your freelancers?

Our freelancers value their anonymity and prefer not to work directly with clients. That is why they’re on OneRoof instead of a freelance marketplace. We’ve found that adding a project manager between the client and the development team makes the process much smoother.

→ How good are your freelancers?

Our freelancers are added to our network only if we've worked with them directly in the past or if they've come through recommendations from someone else in our network. We go to great lengths to source and filter the best freelancers to ensure the highest quality finish for your projects.

→ Why do you choose to work with freelancers?

OneRoof was founded by freelancers. Being in the freelancers position, we know that even the most talented individuals can find it tough at times to make freelancing a viable career path.

OneRoof not only exists to help great businesses get noticed but also to support talented freelancers in Switzerland trying pursue a path of self employment.

→ I'm a freelancer who wants to join your network, how can I find out more?

Awesome to hear. Drop us an email at so we can provide you with more details on how to join our network.


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